Thursday, May 9, 2013

Together Towards Prosperity

Third World County like Nepal, youth involvement is poor in any program because the senior citizens believe that youth lack experiences as well as ideas. It is useless to involve them senior people think. And also they don’t think youth involvement is important for the betterment of the village or a community. There was a period where in any program; meeting youth involvement was not at all. On such particular program senior people are active member. But now it has been changed and youth involvement and participation are seen rapidly in the village.

According to the Ram Chandra Acharya , youth of Kailali district Chumala VDC are begin to appreciate by the villagers' for their work. In any program, meeting or conflict arise in the village, youth steeped out to solve it. Chumala VDC Youth networking President Archarya said they also take consent of the senior people and work for the betterment of the community. Beladevipur Youth Networking Vice President Gyanu Chaudhary added senior people themselves want youth to take part. This situation arise because of Youth Action Nepal said Bijay Rana, member of Beladevipur Youth Network. After the program regarding interaction between youth and parents organized by Youth Action Nepal, the thinking has been changed of those parents for the youth. They appreciate their work and also praise them what they deed.

Youth of Beladevipur demand their participation on the meeting of the village. At first their demand are ignored by the people but gradually they perform their best for the development of the village and are being acknowledged said Ramdayal Chaudhary.

Youth Action Nepal had introduced such kind of program to gather all the youth for their as well as village's development. It was quite effective also. Youth Action Nepal carried out the awareness program like human rights, reproductive health and rights, youth rights, youth personality development, public hearing etc. These programs are implemented since 2065B.S and due to this around 300 youth from 5 VDC of Kailali are being initiated said Taparaj Joshi, coordinator of Youth Action Nepal, Kailali.

Different awareness program, workshop and work camp, interaction are launched by Youth Action Nepal for the upliftment of youth to developed their leadership skill and betterment of their locality.

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