Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bitter Reality of Foreign Employment

Yagya Prasad Sapkota life became beyond his imagination and thinking as well. He went for foreign employment by taking debt and in the hope that he will give his family a good and better life. But the expectation and desire became vain as he return back home after a month. He became seriously ill and compel to returned back home. He said he did not get good work in a company as he was promise before going to another country. He was able to returned back home due to the help of Nepalese workers.

After returning back home, he suffer from serious economic crisis. So with the hope of getting some help he joins youth action in 2068 and also involve in the program. Knowing about his condition and willingness to do something they help him. Youth Action Nepal provides 20 thousand to him and from that money he opens a small hotel in Rajipur bazaar. From the income of that hotel, he is able to deduct his debt. Gradually from the income he fulfils his family needs as well. Further he added, 'Youth Action has shown me the way and bring me here.'

In a few period of time, Yagya Prasad Sapkota brings positive change in his life and became an example in his village.

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