Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Urgent Appeal

We would like to urgently draw attention to the all concerned authority towards the worsening health of Nanda Prasad Adhikari and Gomamaya Adhikari who are staging fast-unto-death demanding immediate investigation into the murder of their son Krishna Prasad Adhikari, a resident of Phujel VDC of Gorkha District. Krishna Prasad was was killed in Chitwan District by Maoist cadres on 6 June 2004. Maoist has accepted that he was killed by his cards.

Amid flagrant ennui of the present interim government and with the UCPN-Maoist Chairman Puspakamal Dahal openly giving threat of ‘revolt’ and asking the Chairman of the government not to investigate the case, if investigated the situation would be calamitous.

We believe that this is the issues of right to justice and accountability. We are sensible that it’s the duty of the Government to fulfill and protect to the rights of the citizen. Not only that, international community has also a duty to take a proactive position.

We have very good example of support and proactive position of international community, individual embassy and mission for the pluralism, human rights, accountability and civil rights during the People's Movement of 2006.

It is with sadness that we have seen, in the aftermath of the signing of CPA between the government and the Maoist no one has made accountable for the crime done during the period of Maoist Insurgency which has helped to institutionalizing impunity and deteriorating situation of rule of law in the country.
We believe international community, individual embassy and mission is our ally in the campaign against impunity in Nepal. Hence, we argue all the concerned authority to take measures aimed at ensuring justice for the Adhikari couple and arguing the Interim Government of Chairman Khil Raj Regmi to move the case forward through investigation and arrested as required.

We strongly believe that immediate intervention from international community will be significant to save the lives of innocent Adhikari Couple. Nanda Prasad and Gomamaya are only demanding nothing more than proper investigation into the murder of their son. We are demanding the justice without fear of favor.

Gopi Krishna Bhattarai

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